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The Paradise Family apiary began in Russia at the beginning

of the last century by the family of Isaac who inherited the family love of bee management. For years Isaac studied the subject

and learned the profession, passing his passion to his son Jacob.

In 1973 Isaac and Jacob came to Israel and established their

farm in Pitchia in the Shephela district where they created their first beehives. The apiary included 350 beehives and was spread throughout regions of the Shephela. Jacob’s son Michael soon joined them in their work. In 1984 Michael and his wife Katie moved to Hermesh and established the apiary there and from

this time forward it was directed by Michael. At first the

equipment was basic and the workers were family members.

Over the years the apiary developed into more areas of bee management such as making swarms, feeders, the gathering

of propolis, pollen and honeydew.

From the year 2000 Michael’s sons, Matan, Yan and Noam joined the family business making substantial contributions in developing the apiary. They introduced advanced technology such as radiation equipment, improved honey pouring

equipment, and more, to further the development of the apiary.


Today the apiary has hundreds of beehives in the Hermesh region and its surrounding. Depending on the desired brand of honey

the beehives are moved to different areas so that the bees may access different types of pollen thereby making different flavors

of honey depending on the flowers blooming in that area.

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